Finding a microphone that has good audio quality for gaming can sometimes prove a tricky situation. However, the truth is that most gamers generally do not need studio level microphones. This article will not only look at audio quality, but, will also touch a bit on ease of use, price and setup options of the best microphone for gaming we are about to preview herein below.

All in all, you usually need to practice a little vigilance when selecting a gaming microphone if you want to get one that fits your perfectly.

Here Are The Top 5 Gaming Microphones On The Market Right Now

Antlion Modmic (Attachment Microphone)

Those of you out there that may have, let’s say cluttered desktops, then this product will certainly be ideal for you. If making space
for a standing mic might prove to be an inconvenience for you then getting the Antlion Modmic attachment microphone is just what you need. All you will need to do with this microphone is to stick it to the side of your headphones. Once done it becomes almost like a built in headphone mic but with undoubtedly better quality.

Zalman Zm Mic

One of this products greatest draw is that it happens to be ridiculously inexpensive with its price ranging between seven and eight
dollars. That price tag may insinuate to some that this product is of low quality, however, it is probably much superior to what you may be using at the moment with your gaming headphones. Just like the mic mentioned above, the Zalman Mic also connects directly to your gaming headset.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

These USB microphones, you will find, have a high feature to price ratio. This undoubtedly being one of its greatest advantages. However, another considerably great strength this mic has is its build quality. For one hundred dollars this microphone’s hardware is certainly top of its class. This products sound quality is absolutely fantastic and it also has the ability to record sound in Omnidirectional, Bidirectional, Cardioid and Stereo polar patterns.

Audio Technica Studio Microphone

This microphone has garnered great reviews over the past years and has been endorsed by several famous Youtubers. Its Cardoid Condenser polar pattern technology is quite ideal for both gaming and streaming. Its manufacturers recently added some very interesting USB features to the product. Not many microphones out there under one hundred dollars can beat the audio quality of the Audio Technica microphone. Four polar patterns are available to those who choose to use this microphone.

Sony Ecm Tie-Clip Microphone

If you happen to be a brand freak, well then, here’s a microphone product of Sony you will definitely enjoy using. Many people
consider this product to be a version 2 of the Zm-Mic 1. This largely due to its omnidirectional nature. Aside from its amazing in built features, this microphone product also happens to boast outstanding sound quality for its size and price. Its 1.2 meter cable also gives its users great ease of movement.

Now you know the best microphone for gaming. So what are you waiting for, go out and grab one of these today. Be sure to check the gearforgaming site for more of gaming microphone reviews.

siteground reviews

When it comes to hosting services, SiteGround is one of those platforms which already made a name in the digital world. With impressive hosting services which include custom software solutions, unlimited bandwidth and MySQL databases, as well as superb customer support, it is among the most popular ones in the industry today. It enjoys amazing positive reviews, dubbed as the best web host with amazing features. Click here for more information on SiteGround reviews. You can also check its highlighted features as follows:


Customer service

Many SiteGround customers agree that one of the firm’s strongest points is its 24/7 customer support. Its chat, ticketing systems and custom solutions have blown away customers who find their services stress-free. The best web host company has designed an in-house chat app which allows users to choose and rate customer service agents. Their ticketing system picks tech support representatives appropriate for certain tasks. Furthermore, there are knowledge base articles and free tutorials updated frequently to keep customers abreast with relevant information.


Dedicated server operations

The web hosting company’s Dedicated Server Operations Team tests and modifies server architecture for optimum performance. Hardware replacement parts for any hardware model are regularly updated seamlessly and made available on-site.


SiteGround hosting service users enjoy the distinct downtime prevention that gives the best web host company the reputation of 99.996 percent yearly and 99.999 percent monthly uptime rates.


In-house solutions, server isolation, backups and SuperCacher

SiteGround’s shared hosting service is conceived as a unique server isolation system that prevents vulnerable servers or accounts from taking down the whole network. The technology makes their shared hosting service as secure as the most expensive dedicated hosting. The webhosting company replaces VPS hosting with a cloud container platform that features thousands of containers and superior security and scalability.


SiteGround runs daily backups to preserve changes made on the websites. Customers have access to SuperCacher, which comes with a flexible range of options for optimum page load speeds. The best web host firm’s software for custom backup takes only about half an hour, when the process usually takes a day to run. Click here for more information on SiteGround that includes an interview with the company’s CEO Tenko Nikolov and Founder Ivo Tzeno.


Site transfer and live setup

The webhosting company makes it easy for its users to launch their website quickly and cost-effectively with a lot of freebies. They give free auto-migration and WordPress setup conducted by their experts. Users love the all-inclusive user interface with cPanel and SSH access.


Software fixes

Software brands which are more popular attract malicious attacks and most hosts wait for software developers to provide the solution in case of a security breech. SiteGround monitors and detects threats, performs patches and keeps up-to-date software.


User experience

The web hosting service company is deemed as an esteemed leader in the industry by many. They commit to unique and quality custom solutions and devote their time to deliver great user experience.



In the WordPress community, SiteGround is among the highest-rated and most popular hosting providers. The company offers unique WordPress security and speed solutions to make customer websites as secure and as fast as possible. The best web host firm’s features include built-in caching, one-click staging as well as GIT version control. Click here for more information on SiteGround WordPress reviews.

New and Easy Buying Tips for Computers


Stumbled in a scenario of not knowing what to look for when buying for a new computer? Yes, this happens a lot, especially when it was a long time ago since we become exposed to these. We shouldn’t blame ourselves for not being a tech savvy, because it is usually due to the myriad of technologies and computer models that are released and launched from time to time. Sometimes, that stated specification would look gibberish to us. However, these are vital phrases that can make our life easier in the long run.


Aside from reading the whole spec sheet, there is an easier way. You should know what to look for when buying a new computer. Following are the key points to consider once you’re decided on buying already.


What type: desktop or laptop?


Of course, the first thing that we should decide on is what type of computer are we going to buy? Are we aiming for portability or advanced functionality? Are we planning on using it outdoors or inside our house? Knowing these, we can now narrow down the places to look for desktop computer parts or a laptop.


If we want to use our laptops whenever we are outdoors, then looking for a laptop with a massive battery life or lower energy consumption is a must. This also goes with portability, especially the notebook type of laptop. On the other hand, we should pick for a desktop if we are looking forward to using it for games or high end applications used at home. They can be massively upgraded by replacing specific parts inside the CPU. Though the drawback is portability, these are absolutely customizable based on your needs.


What processor is it?


Second is by looking at what processor do we want. Of course we wanted it somewhere near the latest processor version, who wouldn’t want a fast computer? The latest is an i7 core, but if we’re on a tight budget, having it near i5 is still a good choice. However, it still boils down as to what type of applications we will run in it.




Third, we should consider first the storage we need. Though there is cloud storage nowadays, it is still essential for us to keep some of it close to us for easier offline access. The rise of SSDs or Solid State Drives are continuously being integrated with current computers nowadays as it is significantly faster if compared to the conventional HDDs or Hard Disk Drives.


Purchasing for a new computer may be confusing at times. But if we know what to look for when buying for a new computer, then buying for one is a breeze. As long as we define three things: type, processor, and storage, we can now look for additional functionality and features like screen size, peripherals, WiFi, Bluetooth, battery life, RAM size, and much more. Now, we can continue on working on with our document, presentation, or game for our new computer is specifically made for it.