New and Easy Buying Tips for Computers


Stumbled in a scenario of not knowing what to look for when buying for a new computer? Yes, this happens a lot, especially when it was a long time ago since we become exposed to these. We shouldn’t blame ourselves for not being a tech savvy, because it is usually due to the myriad of technologies and computer models that are released and launched from time to time. Sometimes, that stated specification would look gibberish to us. However, these are vital phrases that can make our life easier in the long run.


Aside from reading the whole spec sheet, there is an easier way. You should know what to look for when buying a new computer. Following are the key points to consider once you’re decided on buying already.


What type: desktop or laptop?


Of course, the first thing that we should decide on is what type of computer are we going to buy? Are we aiming for portability or advanced functionality? Are we planning on using it outdoors or inside our house? Knowing these, we can now narrow down the places to look for desktop computer parts or a laptop.


If we want to use our laptops whenever we are outdoors, then looking for a laptop with a massive battery life or lower energy consumption is a must. This also goes with portability, especially the notebook type of laptop. On the other hand, we should pick for a desktop if we are looking forward to using it for games or high end applications used at home. They can be massively upgraded by replacing specific parts inside the CPU. Though the drawback is portability, these are absolutely customizable based on your needs.


What processor is it?


Second is by looking at what processor do we want. Of course we wanted it somewhere near the latest processor version, who wouldn’t want a fast computer? The latest is an i7 core, but if we’re on a tight budget, having it near i5 is still a good choice. However, it still boils down as to what type of applications we will run in it.




Third, we should consider first the storage we need. Though there is cloud storage nowadays, it is still essential for us to keep some of it close to us for easier offline access. The rise of SSDs or Solid State Drives are continuously being integrated with current computers nowadays as it is significantly faster if compared to the conventional HDDs or Hard Disk Drives.


Purchasing for a new computer may be confusing at times. But if we know what to look for when buying for a new computer, then buying for one is a breeze. As long as we define three things: type, processor, and storage, we can now look for additional functionality and features like screen size, peripherals, WiFi, Bluetooth, battery life, RAM size, and much more. Now, we can continue on working on with our document, presentation, or game for our new computer is specifically made for it.