siteground reviews

When it comes to hosting services, SiteGround is one of those platforms which already made a name in the digital world. With impressive hosting services which include custom software solutions, unlimited bandwidth and MySQL databases, as well as superb customer support, it is among the most popular ones in the industry today. It enjoys amazing positive reviews, dubbed as the best web host with amazing features. Click here for more information on SiteGround reviews. You can also check its highlighted features as follows:


Customer service

Many SiteGround customers agree that one of the firm’s strongest points is its 24/7 customer support. Its chat, ticketing systems and custom solutions have blown away customers who find their services stress-free. The best web host company has designed an in-house chat app which allows users to choose and rate customer service agents. Their ticketing system picks tech support representatives appropriate for certain tasks. Furthermore, there are knowledge base articles and free tutorials updated frequently to keep customers abreast with relevant information.


Dedicated server operations

The web hosting company’s Dedicated Server Operations Team tests and modifies server architecture for optimum performance. Hardware replacement parts for any hardware model are regularly updated seamlessly and made available on-site.


SiteGround hosting service users enjoy the distinct downtime prevention that gives the best web host company the reputation of 99.996 percent yearly and 99.999 percent monthly uptime rates.


In-house solutions, server isolation, backups and SuperCacher

SiteGround’s shared hosting service is conceived as a unique server isolation system that prevents vulnerable servers or accounts from taking down the whole network. The technology makes their shared hosting service as secure as the most expensive dedicated hosting. The webhosting company replaces VPS hosting with a cloud container platform that features thousands of containers and superior security and scalability.


SiteGround runs daily backups to preserve changes made on the websites. Customers have access to SuperCacher, which comes with a flexible range of options for optimum page load speeds. The best web host firm’s software for custom backup takes only about half an hour, when the process usually takes a day to run. Click here for more information on SiteGround that includes an interview with the company’s CEO Tenko Nikolov and Founder Ivo Tzeno.


Site transfer and live setup

The webhosting company makes it easy for its users to launch their website quickly and cost-effectively with a lot of freebies. They give free auto-migration and WordPress setup conducted by their experts. Users love the all-inclusive user interface with cPanel and SSH access.


Software fixes

Software brands which are more popular attract malicious attacks and most hosts wait for software developers to provide the solution in case of a security breech. SiteGround monitors and detects threats, performs patches and keeps up-to-date software.


User experience

The web hosting service company is deemed as an esteemed leader in the industry by many. They commit to unique and quality custom solutions and devote their time to deliver great user experience.



In the WordPress community, SiteGround is among the highest-rated and most popular hosting providers. The company offers unique WordPress security and speed solutions to make customer websites as secure and as fast as possible. The best web host firm’s features include built-in caching, one-click staging as well as GIT version control. Click here for more information on SiteGround WordPress reviews.