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Signs that water has damaged your Smartphone


There are so many ways your smartphone can be damaged but there is nothing more annoying that your phone not working as a result of water damage. We use our phones for everything so it’s inevitable while drinking you might mistakenly spill your drink on the phone or when it’s raining outside and you need to use google maps to find your way, the water drops hit the screen. Sometimes we might be ignorant to the damage that water can cause and won’t fix it till it’s too late. Here are some signs you need to be aware of if your phone starts to fail on you due to water damage.


Luckily iPhones have an indicator which could tell you if you phone has been in contact with water. The indicator would usually turn pink or red and unfortunately iPhone warranties would not cover the repair cost.

Unable to turn on phone

If you don’t trust the indicator then there are other ways to see if there is further water damage. Usually it is advisable that once water has hit your phone that you immediately turn off your phone and keep it off for a while. However, if the phone doesn’t turn on it means damage has already been done internally. It is possible the water has damaged the internal components and short circuited the phone. Be warned that if it does not get fixed quickly this can lead you to lose your phone completely. An iphone repair sg shop needs to be the first stop you make so you can fix the problem.

Unable to charge phone

If you are unlucky, the water may have entered through your charging port which stops you from charging your phone. The charging ports electrical mechanisms are exposed and are vulnerable to any water coming in there. Plugging it in to charge can worsen it due to corrosion, as electricity going to the battery speeds up and leads to a short circuit.

Screen damage

You can spot if your screen has been damaged by water if there unwanted spots that start appearing one your screen. Like most solutions to water problems the best thing to do is try to dry it out but waiting too long to fix it can cause serious damage. Without your screen there isn’t much use for your phone, so look for a place that can help fix it.


So next time water gets in contact with your phone watch out for these signs and get the problem fixed immediately or else you would need to folk out more money just to replace it.


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